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DJI Phantom RTF with Installed Zenmuse H3 2d


Phantom 1.1.1

XFS Shop Demo- Flight Tested, XFLY Approved. Condition = 9 out of 10

RTF Includes radio, charger, Lipo Batteries x1, Zenmuse H32D, Installed PMU.

The Phantom is DJI’s first small size Ready-­‐to-­‐Fly VTOL, integrated multi-­‐rotor aircraft for aerial filming. Aside from it’s attractive appearance, it contains a built-­‐in Naza-­‐M + GPS multi-­‐rotor autopilot system giving it stable and reliable flight characteristics. Equipped with it’s own R/C Controller and DJI pre-­‐tuned autopilot parameters, your Phantom is ready to fly right out of the box! With the Phantom’s ease of operation and incredible stability, aerial filming is a breeze. 


Features of RTF Phantom

  • Ready-­‐to-­‐Fly
  • Stable & easy to fly, yet agile performance
  • Multiple flight modes, including GPS position hold
  • Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)
  • Failsafe & auto go home/landing
  • Low voltage protection
  • High intensity orientation-­‐aiding LED Indicators 
  • 10+ minutes of flight time
  • Contains remote control unit
  • Li-­‐Po flight battery and charger included
  • Installed Zenmuse H3 2D Camera mount for GoPro
  • Installed Prop Gaurds
  • Installed PMU for Zenmuse
  • Go Pro Not included

Optional Equipment Available:

FPV gear

Monitors Goggles

Extra Batteries

Transport Cases

Extra Cameras

Note: Shop Demo's are sold as is. they are flight tested and all systems are video documented an QC'd by engineering prior to shipping.

Next day shipping available.


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